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About this blog

The Regulatory Policy Committee (RPC) - the independent better regulation watchdog - provides an independent view on better regulation across government. We support the development of evidence-led regulation and facilitate reducing regulation where it involves an unnecessary burden on businesses and civil society organisations.

We work with government to improve the quality of evidence and analysis to support regulatory policy development.

We bring an independent expert external perspective on how regulatory proposals can impact businesses and civil society organisations. We do this by critically reviewing the evidence and analysis presented in impact assessments and post-implementation reviews, to determine whether or not they are fit for purpose.

We review the costs and benefits expected to arise from government regulatory policies and how the total regulatory cost burden compares to the government’s Business Impact Target (BIT).

Our opinions are made available to ministers proposing regulatory measures and to Parliament when scrutinising proposed legislation and are published on GOV.UK.

Who we are

The RPC is an independent body, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

The committee is formed of independent experts from a range of backgrounds, including the private and voluntary sectors, business, the legal profession, and academia. Collectively, the RPC has experience and knowledge of economic, employee, and consumer issues.

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Our blog

Our blog is an opportunity for us to share our independent views on better regulation principles and regulatory reform proposals, to inform and stimulate policy debate and discussion.

We welcome and encourage comments and views on the issues we raise in our posts. This is a real opportunity for interested parties to share their ideas and views on live issues to help shape the future regulatory landscape.

Our posts should not be interpreted as government policy, intent, or news.